Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tackling E-Commerce Store Design

So you’re ready to launch your first online business. You’ve got a product that people are interested in and all you need a website that looks clean, concise and is ready to give you the virtual storefront you need. We can help you design e-commerce store with a custom website design.  And with great e-commerce tools like Volusion and Core Commerce - (we love being Volusion designer) - it does make managing the inventory and listing your products for sale MUCH EASIER. But that's not enough. Make sure you're ready to tackle the work ahead before you start.

You’re ready to take on e-Commerce right? Think again. 

E-Commerce isn’t for the weak and weary.
Most have had an experience with e-commerce from a TV or radio ad or by purchasing something on the web. It’s usually seamless, simple and easy to use. I bet you've thought before, "I could do this. How card could it be - the internet and computers do all the work!" But, maintaining an e-commerce presence is a mulch-faceted and often difficult task.  And contrary to popular belief - It's also often times a full-time job.

Here are two reasons that businesses fail when trying to take on E-Commerce. 

1. More Than a Store Front
So you’ve got a website? Great, but it can’t stop there. In order to have a successful online business, you’ve got to realize that your website is more than just a store front - it’s a hub that you should be driving traffic to. You need more than just a website to sell a product, you need an online marketing strategy. Countless businesses fail when taking on online business because they simply launch a website and fail to discern why traffic, clickthroughs aren’t high - that is, if they are even tracking those statistics at all.

Owning an e-commerce store is much like owning a physical store. You have to give it attention every day to get the most out of it. Just like a store, you have to arrange your products for visibility and market your business with advertisements and social media. 

You can't just have a 'website that sells' and expect it to make a lot of money.  The website can't do it without you. One must still have the human element to promote and market the website. No time? You might need to hire some help with your internet marketing - at a minimum.

 2. Product First
Developing and implementing an online marketing plan is essential to online success, but after you’ve launched a strategy, what then? It always goes back to the product. Will your product sell? Did you do market research at all prior to your E-Commerce adventure?

If what you are selling is worth the user’s money, time and resources, then encourage users to leave feedback or comments on popular review sites. Don’t skimp on the product in order to make a quick buck, it will end up costing you more in the end.

3. Monitor Your Reputation
One of the most important traits of successful businesses is their ability to listen to consumers instead of just sending messages. Use social media as an extension of customer service to find consumers sharing information about your services or products and answer their questions. Investing in online relationships is a stepping stone for future successes.

Don’t be overwhelmed by e-commerce, be prepared instead! Tackle it head on by taking your reputation into your own hands and delivering something that is worth the time of your customers. Be helpful and proactive and, eventually, you’ll discover that e-commerce isn’t as scary as you thought!

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