Thursday, January 31, 2008


The time has come to RENEW!

Not just for our website, but also for the vision and future of "Kari and Company".

Inspirations + Skills + Work = WOW.

What I have now, with regard to my website, branding, etc... - has worked over the last year, for basic professional needs - since I left my full time position with Park Place Dealerships.

But, I have this little vision thing-a-majig working now, and see some grand things for myself - as well as ALL the talented people I know. And there are SOO many!

I am seeing a future where all the incredibly brilliant people I know (who I will name later on in posts pertaining to their particular brilliance, 'Incredipeople') can work together - as a team - creating 'web WOW', helping others obtain and manage a web presence, providing "ODC" or, "On-Demand Creative" services for our VIP clients (and anyone else who wants to sign up!) with a company that they can help grow.

I don't want to run it. I'm not there! That stuff makes me crazy! Dang! I just want to work for it. (in the creative department, of course...)

Look soon for posts on products & services, tips and tricks, articles on design and all things web - and much more.

This will be the designer's little journal... and a journal of a little company with big dreams!