Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Practicing Caution With Pinterest

Few social media networks are as visually stimulating and appealing as Pinterest, which is why it's one of the fastest growing social platforms around with over 70 million users. There's photos of delicious "healthy" recipes for us to try at home, panoramas of backyard oases for us to long for, and workout tips and tricks to help tone and trim our body. But are they always accurate?

Word of advice, don't trust everything you read on Pinterest.

Pinterest, while popular, can also be dangerous. Have you ever tried a recipe and the results weren't what you expected? You're not alone. Just like common advertisements, Pinterest items can be optimized to sell products and for clickthroughs, all without the backdrop of a realistic expectation.

There are harmful fitness routines, dangerous diets, and even falsely attributed quotes that circulate Pinterest very regularly. For example, here's a Hitler quote that was attributed to Taylor Swift, and 20 other Pinterest tips that, well, are lies.

So be cautious when diving into Pintest content, it isn't always as it appears.