Monday, January 18, 2010

Have a DivaGirl Game night!

All women would like to think of themselves as a Diva from one time to another. When we are little we put on our boa’s, our Mom’s makeup and high heels and strut all around the house dreaming of being a DIVA!

Now, whatever age you are, you can be a Diva~with just a few friends and the DivaGirl game. You can dress up in your favorite Diva Wear and prepare for a night of fun, food, gifts and lots of laughs! All you need is the Diva Girl Game and some girlfriends and you can certainly have a Diva Girl Game Party!

Diva Girl Game
is a game that is easy to play, involves things that all Diva’s love ~ champagne, diamonds, red lipstick, sun tanning and big feathery boas! The dealer shows a card and the Diva with the matching card turns it over and the first Diva to turn all of her cards over wins the round! Its not just about the game either, each Diva brings a wrapped “Diva” gift to the party and the winner of each round, wins a gift.

Kari and Co. received a Diva Girl Game in the mail for helping with their new website and we think it is so much fun, thank you Nancy and Liz!