Sunday, May 8, 2011

Champion Firearms in College Station - WELCOME!

We at Kari & Company would like you all to give a warm welcome to the new Champion Firearms store! At Champion Firearms you are getting the unmatched, unbeaten, and unbelievable quality of various types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, indoor gun ranges and concealed handgun classes.

Do you want a gun but don’t know how to use one necessarily? Then our suggestion would be to take one of these classes! The State of Texas mandates eight hours of classroom instruction for new applicants, while renewals require three. Afterward, a standardized written exam will be given. Then comes the range qualification! This is a 2- hour section for new applicants (1 hour for renewals) and the State of Texas mandates a standardized shooting test to demonstrate range proficiency. The shooting test will consist of 50- rounds fired over three distances-- 9 feet, 21 feet & 45 feet. The shooting test is timed and graded for accuracy, and each student must be safe and capable of following directions.

Once done with your training the obvious next step would be to buy a handgun. Now in these economic times Champion Firearms understands that you may not be able to pay all at once, which is why they gladly offer financing plans and a 90-day layaway plan as well!

Once you have the gun you’re going to have to take care of it though, which is why there are also many different cleaning supplies as well. Is the idea of a gun a little intimidating to think about though? Well that’s ok! At Champion Firearms there are also products that are less than lethal like different types of pepper sprays and stun guns for those who find the gun to be a little much.

If you ever need to contact them for any reason to set something up, or just to ask a question, you can call at (979) 693-9948, or email one of the two owners at either or You can also email the general manager at And if you’re wanting those hard-to-get items, e-mail them at

Welcome Champion Firearms and GOOD LUCK!