Saturday, April 20, 2013

Return on Relationship (ROR) in Social Media

Social media. It’s the fresh buzzword heard from businesses all across the globe.
Social media is the new kid on the block that few truly know much about, and everyone has an opinion on how to work it.

It bucks the traditional methods of customer relations and marketing, and introduces new concepts of engagement with consumers that can seem impractical or unnecessary.

But at Kari & Co. - we think it's totally imperative - to keep your name in front of your potential client or target. We think it's beneficial to keep reminding folks that you're there, and to get your business name seen over and over - it's exposure.

It’s a competitive world on the web - and the edge is given to those companies that provide great products or services to communities that need them. The edge is given to businesses that have web sites and eCommerce options… the edge is given to businesses on social media.

With a variety of different social networking platforms, users can share photos, information and memories with one another creating strong online relationships where advice is trusted and recommendations lead to purchase decisions. 

People like to show their opinion, have their say and share their thoughts. As long as your company keeps social media social - and does not only share business items and constantly try to sell the user - it'll be successful for your company - at whatever frequency and intensity you do it.

Simply put, social media isn’t just your teenage daughter checking her Facebook on her iPhone. It’s where your consumers live! Your consumer is online somewhere browsing search engines, websites and social media platforms for information.

Don’t you want them to come to you? Social media provides return on relationship (ROR). Like the business term, return on investment (ROI), social media enables businesses to communicate freely and personally with their customers in order to build trustworthy and reliable relationships with them.  And - as you know, building relationships is a huge part of any industry or business - and is at the core of your success - whatever you do.

If your business provides a great experience to a user, don’t you want them to tell their friends? That favorable experience at your business goes online, across a variety of platforms and becomes that golden “word of mouth” marketing that brings customers back into your doors.

Time and time again.

So saddle up with social media, it isn’t going away.

Embrace online engagement and allow your users to put a face or voice with your brand. It’ll help your business and your consumers in the years to come.