Friday, September 9, 2011

Saving Taxpayer Money - Lightening The Load On Jail Cells

Pretty cool concept - new site launch this last week - E-Cell - is an offender home monitoring system. What's great about E-Cell - is that they charge the offender for the convenience of being monitored at home. So the costs to Taxpayers and court systems are extremely minimal - if any - and suffering from jail overcrowding declines.

These guys have a state-of-the art call center and the best equipment available (as far as technology) - they provide 24 hour GPS monitoring for non-violent offenders who meet eligibility requirements - and complete documentation for the court system.

And - what's more - is that E-Cell needs sales representatives interested in having their own business. They're offering a business opportunity for great sales people to have their own, protected area to service court, attorneys and offenders nationwide to sell and service the E-Cell system (both the devices and monitoring services).

For more information on the system itself, or the business opportunity in your area, visit their website at for more information.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall is Officially HERE - Vintage Couture Launch

Well fall is officially here with the launch of the newly-re-branded Vintage Couture, Inc. website. With some of the most beautiful and creative vintage-inspired clothing designs for kids (and now, ladies too!) - Vintage Couture offers very well-made high-end designer apparel.

This year, they've launched a new look with their website design that speaks more to their 'brand' and not so much the season.

Moving forward, look for eye-catching graphics on the homepage, and Fashion Stylists' sites to show off the lines from season to season.

As most of you are probably aware, Vintage Couture offers more than just the super cute apparel. They are also the exclusive manufacturer of Trista Sutter's apparel line as well. In addition - they offer exceptional business opportunities as an independent Fashion Stylist - offering direct sales of the product at in-home trunk shows for hostesses. It's just one more way that Vintage Couture is truly an exclusive apparel line - you can't get it in the store.