Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Webdesign In The Eye Of The Beholder

Have you ever thought, “That’s the ugliest, most confusing web site I’ve seen to date...” and just couldn’t hit the exit button fast enough? Thinking to yourself – “Ugly…Ugly…Ugly - those colors are awful, and that music didn’t make it any better, what were they thinking when they created this?” Sure you have. One has to wonder if the web designer is creating the site design based on their client’s preferences on color, style, and content – or if the web designer is just not using instinct and experience on what will work for a web site depending on it’s audience, and needed functionality. If it’s the first case scenario, then the old saying “the customer is always right” should not apply to web design!

Leaving some of the design to the professionals (based on your inspiration and style, of course...) can result in more targeted traffic, and wider exposure and hopefully ‘actionable’ items – that is, graphics and keywords to entice your clients to CLICK around, and BUY your things! The pros have the insight and imagination to create a web site that showcases your particular product or service – and hopefully from your online buyer’s point of view.

It’s always good to keep your viewer’s interest, entertain them a bit – and lure them into wanting to know and see more of your web site. And as always - navigation should be clear and consistent; user friendly and ‘brain pleasing’. We please the brain by not making it do too much work. 'Effortless' is a good word here...

Designers listen to and work with their clients to produce a website that is pleasing to them (as site owners) and looks how they envisioned; but in turn – clients of web design services need to remember to trust in their designer’s suggestions and their talent & experience for being able to see the overall picture.

Of course, not every suggestion or idea is going to be accepted or workable – we know this. However, there are some of us out there who are truly interested in helping your company be a success on the internet – and we don’t just say things to complicate the process, rather, we hope that we’re sharing valuable information with you that will help you have more success on the growing and changing internet.

And - we don't know everything there is to know about your product or service. We NEED your input and feedback along the way to get to a design that works for you (and for your audience!) - and produces good results where accessiblity, functionality and overall look and feel are concerned.

Just like art – web design is subjective. What we like as individuals is not always as pleasing to our neighbor’s eyes, and when you are on stage to the whole world (wide web) don’t you want to put your best foot forward?

So, keep an open mind with your next web design project, and find a designer (hopefully US!) who will work with you to achieve your goals, see your vision and keep your audience interested!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Posh Puppy Boutique Featured On Good Day Sacramento

Our client, Posh Puppy Boutique was featured on Good Day Sacramento - They've opened a new store in the mall and are selling MAJOR puppy apparel, treats, toys, bowls, designer pet collars and leashes and more from there new storefront. If you're in the Sacramento area, check them out! Or, if you're looking for high-end dog apparel and great brands featured in this piece, such as Juicy Couture for Dogs, Linda Higgins Couture and more - you can visit them online. Watch the video below for more information and a doggie-fashion show! Congratulations to Posh Puppy Boutique on some great exposure!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where the DAWGS go....

If you have the chance to visit Athens, Georgia take a walk down Clayton Street. There are many little eateries and stores there, but one sticks out historically ~ George Dean's Menswear Store. This great little old store sells traditional fine menswear and has been around over 40 years and just a rock's throw from the University of Georgia.

George-Dean's carries great brands such a Lacoste, Johnston and Murphy, Haspel and Southwick and is known all of Athens for their signature

Georgia Bulldog knit shirt and Georgia Stadium Shorts.

George Dean's has wonderful customer service and a warm and inviting spirit, don't believe me?........give Wayne a call, you will see.

We are so glad to have had the chance to be a part of history for the wonderful menswear store and for downtown Athens, Georgia by being a part of building a great site for:


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a beautiful design - and what a fun store! It's EVERYTHING BABY at Tiny Dimples. Whether you need a car seat cover, baby apparel, or safe toys - even nursery decor and bedding - Tiny Dimples has it. If you're having a baby, or know someone who is - they've got what you need for the perfect baby gift.

This was a great client, who knew what she wanted - and the site turned out great in my opinion. She's got a knack for carrying the right products, organized them properly, and also displayed them with a common theme and branding throughout the site. The site is usable, easy on the eyes, and packed of products to choose from.

Speaking of babies......

It hasn't been too long since I had my first baby, he'll be three September 1st. We just had a positive experience getting off the pacifier that I'd like to share with you guys - (if you're interested in something off the beaten path of websites and such.)

He'd had it the entire time - that is, the pacifier. The pacie, as he called it was a staple of all events - eating, sleeping, car, school. He was attached. Any mom whose kiddo is on the pacifier kinows this is a tough habit to break. Everyone said to try and cut off the end - that didn't work. Others said to try dipping it in vinegar or hot sauce. Now my kid loves salsa. (hot salsa too.)

He'd gotten pretty good about giving it up during the day, but night time was terrible - and the pacie was a must to get him to sleep and keep him that way.

One morning - right before his typical time to wake up - I looked at him as he slept. I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great to lose this pacifier today?"

So, I reached down and unplugged it from my child while he was asleep. Just like that. Threw it in the garbage.

Then, I grabbed a prize, and ran back in to him.

A few moments later, he was waking up - and I was THERE. Of course, little hands feeling around for his small rubbery friend that was now in the kitchen trash can.

When he opened his eyes and began to ask me, I cut him off and said (loudly and excitedly) "WOW - You didn't have the pacie ALL NIGHT! What a BIG BOY! You get a surprise today for NOT having the pacie all night!" and I presented him with a dollar-store book.

He was a bit confused, but happy to get a surprise nonetheless, and when I just kept on about what a big boy he was - making a HUGE deal of the occassion, (calling in Dad to woo him on the event, calling the Gaga to tell her, and Aunt Kimmy) - he smiled and looked a little proud.

I told him that each night he went without it we'd give him another surprise in the morning.

This went on for about a week. Seven dollars later - we're paci-free.

Enjoy your babies, your blogs, and your websites - until next time!