Sunday, November 30, 2008

Great Gifts Galore ONLINE NOW

The holidays are fast approaching - and thankfully - it's been a busy time for us! We've had lots of new clients, and they're all great opportunities to get prizes and presents this holiday season. Check them out!

Welcome to the internet!

Defend Max - Owned and operated by an ex police officer who knows and understands the need for such products - DefendMax offers tons of articles and resources to help you in your choices. Visit DEFENDMAX - for all your personal security products, including mace and pepper spray, video and surveillance cameras and more!

Electric Smoker Pro - Commercial and Personal Smokers, Grills and more - Michael's motto: "Smoke like a PRO from the very first day" - this sounds like a GREAT gift for DAD!!! (or ANYONE!)

Evolution Import - If you've got a Volkswagen or Audi, this is your one-stop parts shop. Specialized German stuff for specialized German cars!! Check out their world-famous aluminum skid plates!

Sleep Well Baby - is not new to the internet, rather - it's redesigned and reborn anew! Check them out for great specials on wellness products, bath, body, aromatherapy, rest and relaxation products and more.

and finally...

The ULTIMATE Home Journal - if you're a realtor, the key to referral success is client gifts. What better gift to give your client - than the Ultimate Home Journal - to help them manage the hectic day to day needs ot moving and settling into a new home. Earn your client's referrals with this great client gift.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to the internet... SPEXY LADY...

One of my clients, for whom I designed a blog - and who shall remain a complete mystery (because mysteries are really fun, and this person is...) - is a total SPEXY LADY.

A very saavy fashion editor and style guru, you are sure to find great info on her blog, info and news, great articles on style, fashion, parenting, relationships, nightlife and more - on her very cool blog: SpexyLady.

Welcome to the internet, SPEXY LADY! I for one am going to follow this blog!