Monday, July 28, 2008

Cookies, Shutters and Photography, OH MY!

Again, a special thanks to my clients for their support. I'm getting new clients every day, and working to build my business to create a presence on the web for people who need help. I'd like to take a moment and welcome some very special clients: ALI'S COOKIES, MVP Design, and the Anderson Law Firm in Dallas.

Ali's Cookies, also known as SHIP A COOKIE.COM, has some SERIOUS cookies and gifts. Perfect gift for any occasion, the perfect corporate party or theme party addition as well. Jeff and Ali have sent me some cookies for, well... 'inspiration' - and let me say they put a gaggle in my weight watchers regime. These things are DIVINE!! Get yours today.

Featured on 11 Alive Atlanta this last weekend. Check them out!

Also - Welcome to the web: The Anderson Family Law Firm. Specializing in Dallas divorce, this family was voted among Dallas Magazine's "Best of Dallas" and also Texas Monthly's Super Lawyers. They also assist with other legal things, ranging from military issues to criminal defense. Need a lawyer? Contact Dallas' best! Visit the Anderson Law Firm today. Search Engine Optimization by The Info Group, Dallas. I had the pleasure of working with Mark. Thanks for the opportunity!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adding GREAT BIG PHOTOS to your blog.


For many of my photographer clients, they showcase their work on their blogs. THIS is a magnificent idea!!

However, they always ask - "How can I get the photos larger on my blog"?

Well, first - the template used has to be widened to a accommodate such large images, then the images need to be inserted, and the HTML edited to the exact size of the photo.

SO first: the template must be customized a bit to widen it. (usually) This blog is set to 100% width. A fixed width is great too, as long as the main posting area has at least 600 pixels or so of working post space. 600 pixels is a good width, anyway for blog photos (as far as big ones go) and should fill the area nicely. The example above is 600 pixels wide, and 450 pixels high.

Then, the images must already be hosted somewhere (that is, not uploaded directly to Blogger in the post, but already existing on the web, having been uploaded via FTP to your hosting account, or already existing in it's largest or full size on a photo sharing website.

Why can't you just upload them? Because Blogger stores your photos on Picasa, which resizes them to the default 'S, M & L' settings (I believe 'large' is 400 pixels max width). There's only three sizes (S, M & L) when uploading to Blogger. If you try to go in and edit the HTML, it will then enlarge an already downsized image, making it pixelize. So to retain image quality, it's best to have them hosted.

SO - upload your images somewhere (and know their exact height and width) via FTP to your website, or a shared photo community (like your own Picasa account, or Photobucket). Then, you'll right click the photo in it's full size, and get the URL to the image. The URL to this image is

Then, insert photo into your post as normal, but use the right side option, to add it from the URL. Paste in your URL to the photo. Go ahead and select "Large", and then your orientation (left, right or center).

Once it's 'done' and inserted, you'll see Blogger resized it (to 400 in my case..) so you'll need to now edit the HTML. Click the 'Edit Html' tab in your post.

At the top, you'll see the mumbo-jumbo that was auto-created when you inserted your image. You now need to manually add the height and width of your image to the CSS statement that controls the image and how it displays. Here's the code, and what you'll add/change:

Part of Original Generated Code:

........img style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px;" src="" alt="".........

(see? it resized the width to 400px...)

So now, update your code (just type in your height and width, using the exact styling as below):

........img style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 600px; height: 450px;" src="" alt="".........

And VOILA! - you've got larger photos on your photo blog!

Hope this helps you photographers out there!


WELL, it's been a busy couple of months for Kari & Co. - which is great! And, thanks to all my clients who have sent me referrals. Most of my business lately has been repeat and referral clients, and this is great to me, because that is how I always envisioned my business - trust and cooperation, effective communication is really important to us - so we're pleased to get the referrals and great feedback.

So, without further delay...

Welcome to the Web

Better Bronze, owner Allyson Adair, has started the ultimate business, providing mobile tanning services to the Austin, Texas metro area. Welcome to the web! If you're in Austin, you're in for a treat, because she uses Fantasy Tan products, featured on ABC's Dancing with the Stars! WISH I WERE CLOSER TO AUSTIN....

Want the Celebrity Look for less $$? Get the hottest styles of accessories, handbags, and other great stuff
at the Celebrity Look! "Paris and Nicole" style, at "Kari" prices! Whooooooot diggity! Designer inspired, at an inspiring price. Get your celeb-style today!


Aim Higher Jets - what a neat thing. Owned by the Gilmore family, and operated by Jeff - a US Air Force Pilot stationed overseas (THANKS JEFF!!!). If you're looking for replica/diecast/custom mahogany aircraft models - this is the place.


  • The Anderson Law Firm (finalizing!!)
  • My Seafood Gourmet
  • Red Ass Gear (for all the Aggies out there!)

And a special thank you to my ongoing clients, if it weren't for you - I wouldn't be able to be a WAHM!! Work at home mom!