Monday, October 1, 2012

New Volusion Designs - E-Commerce Websites

We'd like to welcome some new Volusion Designs to the internet! Of course, we prefer to work as a Volusion Designer - because it's the shopping cart we are most familiar with.  But we've also had some recent experience with Big Commerce Design (and it is very flexible, and has lots of potential. I would like to take a stab at another one soon!) as well as Pinnacle Cart - but of all the carts out there, for the price an support, Volusion stays on top in our opinion.

No, we don't work for Volusion. They don't give us kick-backs. It's just a robust tool for the money. If you're looking to sell online - Volusion is a one-stop solution. It certainly doesn't look easy at first, and it's a HUGE learning curve - but it's packed with features from email campaign management to customization and flexibility - to the fact that it's very SEO friendly. (Speaking of which, did we mention that we are now partnered with Vestal Media to provide SEO services? Learn more on our web page about Search Engine Optimization services.)

So pay our new clients a visit, whether you're looking for some YUMMY smelling soap, a lift chair to help with a loved one's mobility, or skin-whitening/lightening products - we've launched some new designs in the last couple of weeks that we're thrilled to share. Pay them a visit! 


Candace and Kids Soap Company - Hand Poured Organic Soap

Tonique Skin Whitening Products