Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Sites

New sites are hitting the web!


Elliott Consulting - Sherri Elliott, an HR Professional in the Dallas area, has taken her consulting firm online. She and the team at Elliott HR Consulting can provide assessments, training and other HR solutions for your business. Check them out!

Suburban Roofing is a new website for some long-time, experienced repair/remodeling/roofing company local to the Dallas area. Need some remodeling work? or a new roof? They handle residential and commercial repairs and remodeling solutions all over the Dallas Metro area. Welcome to the web, Jeff Peters and Staff!

Check out the new look of The Purse Boutique and Red Carpet Bagz! Updating their look for the new year.

Although we don't get to take credit for the cool website design, we did recently made some website updates for Absolute Pitch Public Relations, and designed their MySpace blog. Looking for some cool music? Or are you a musician with lots of promise? Seek out Beatrice at Absolute Pitch PR for your public relations needs. Very cool stuff!

Coming Soon:

VMS Products (Security Seals and other Security Products)
Acrylic Designs, Inc.
Morgan and Son Racing
Muscle Car Mania of Texas
Fraud Consultants Online
The Anderson Firm (redesign)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Not New, But Very Much Needed - MySpace

Just stumbled upon a very good article and example of CSS to 'decrappify' MySpace web profiles. Great article, thought I'd mention it here - Mike Davidson's Blog.

I have to say, I tried this technique with a blog resdesign - here: Absolute Pitch Public Relations - and while it turned out fairly nice, I find that MySpace is crazy about cross browser compatibility, still. I had lots of problems getting my 'MySpace' project to look as nice as Mike Davidson did with his blog - but I finally realized that you can't allow HTML in the comments section, or the images and other doodads your 'friends' can put in your comments will throw your tables and design out of whack.

Took me a long time to figure this out, I'm a little embarrased... but lesson learned. So - for the most part, if you want a nice clean, contained look, you have to create new template with the default MySpace CSS, (as Mike provides in his blog at above referenced link) and then turn of the HTML Friend Comments. (or as far as I know.)

Still a learning process.....