Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preparing For The COMPUTER Crash

In my case, it was my motherboard. GONE. Working along, tap tap tapping on the keyboard at 200 miles an hour - and BOOM. Screen goes out. Everything else appears to be working, but the screen is a gonner. Tried rebooting, never came back on. Plugged in another monitor, no bueno. Grabbed the whole get-up and ran up to Geek Squad, who informed my my machine had a motherboard who wasn't feeling quite as motherly as she once had.

So it was 'time'. I got a newer, bigger, faster (DESKTOP this time so I will stay in my office!) and began the process of computer file recovery. Which brings me too - to our newest site launch as well. Funny it all happened together.

During the process of all of this - I found the following things VERY useful. And they will be something I do - ALWAYS - from now on:

1/ Have a large external hard drive READY! and back it up on your own when you can - I have a 1.5 TB Western Digital External Hard Drive.

2/SIGN UP and USE Firefox Sync. If you are not using Firefox, please do so at this time. Then, sign up for Firefox Sync - this will remember your settings, passwords, visited sites - it's a beautiful thing. Simply sign in and it will 'repopulate' your old get-up!

3/ Save your fonts, brushes and shapes, extensions - If you use Photoshop or another design program - don't lose all you've built up. Downloading, extracting and installing these things takes forever - and especially if you've paid for them!

And finally...

4/ Save your Outlook PST file from time to time. One thing you can recover is your Outlook file. It will get you (PRETTY) close to where you were.

So - without further adieu -

WELCOME TO THE WEB - Blueline Network Solutions! They sell desktops for personal and business use, servers, network security solutions and more. I really like that they have high performance gaming desktops (for those of us who truly relish a little WOW from time to time.) as well as services - like remote backup and data storage and remote IT support.