Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why not feel like a “super-hero”?

Kari and Company recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with a new company selling hot and cool product: FLY JUMPERS!

Fly Jumper Canada is an authorized reseller for the Fly Jumper brand of jumping stilts and accessories in Canada.

We didn't know it - but the claim is that you can you jump six feet in the air and run almost twenty miles per hour wearing jumping stilts! Surely, by now you have heard of them (or if you've seen "Jackass" the Movie...) and if you haven’t - welcome to the world of a new and exciting way to exercise and have fun all at the same time! This Canadian based company is also trying to develop and inform people of the sport of Powerbocking.

Some describe Fly Jumper Stilts as “spring loaded jumping boots” or “jumping stilts”. You can purchase different ones for your weight and also get one for your kiddo! Kids as young as 10 years old are also enjoying the Fly Jumper fun. Families are improving their fitness level together, having fun instead of watching TV all day and playing video games!

This looks like great fun for the family and is very affordable.

Kari and Company is pleased to have had the opportunity to help them with their e-commerce template design.


sound therapy said...

Very interesting product. Where can you find these? I am interested in buying on of these.

Kari Mitchell said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog :) Yes - the Fly Jumpers are really cool - if you're in Canada, you can get them from our client - - however, if you're in the United States or elsewhere - you'll need to search "Jumping Stilts". :) Good luck!