Thursday, July 2, 2009

Congratulations to Ali's Cookie (!!

CONGRATS to our client Ali's Cookies!

Ali’s cookies (also known as has been online now only for a little over a year, but is already being spotlighted by those with a taste for gourmet cookies! Their homemade goodness will be the audience delight on the Rachel Ray show tomorrow, Friday July 3, 2009. They will be the featured “snack of the day” showcasing their exclusive Choco Choco Chunk Cookies.

Ali's Cookies are baked fresh (seriously! from scratch!) daily, and are certified Kosher. They focus on the cookie, and the taste - not just the packaging; adhering to the strict standards of a kosher bakery - all treats are made with the best and freshest ingredients like real vanilla, fresh cracked eggs and sweet creamery butter. There are no preservatives added - and they even hand scoop the cookies to give them extra effect for that 'homemade look'. Once you've eaten them, though - it doesn't matter that they looked homemade - you KNOW they are. (or - in our case, were.)

Alison & Jeff Rosengarten are the owners of Ali’s Cookies and their recipes have been passed down through the family for years. They have been baking wonderful cookies since 1981 - and have been in the press several times.

Need a gift? Try for a neat, unique and scrumptious gift!

I bought a photo cookie cake for my husband last year - and was delighted with the prompt and personal service -the precious cookie we received - and we absolutley enjoyed the thick, chewy, chocolately goodness - icing and flavor that came with it. It's a great gift.

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Great job and great site! Thanks for sharing!