Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Sites Launched

Well, we've been working hard over here... and we've launched some new sites.

Just Launched!

Barrett Bronze:
Jamie Barrett, of Barrett Studios (a Division of Barrett Bronze, Inc.) creates custom casted replicas, awards, POP displays, 3-D Signage, Liquor Displays, and much more. He's got my dream job! He gets to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC often, as he creates museum quality replicas. They do much more though, check them out!

Miriam is a distributor of designer kid's clothing. Carrying high-end kid's fashions like Simonetta, Juicy Couture and many others - she's got a physical store in New York, and now has a presence on the web for orders out of the area. Although her website is not an e-commerce site, it is on a CMS (Joomla) that supports a shopping cart, and allows the user to place an 'order' - from which Miriam and her team will work to fill the order, accept payment and arrange shipping. We're still in the process of adding all her great stuff, but that could take some time - as she's got SOOOO much cool stuff!

Casa Irie:
Annette owns a consignment boutique in New Jersey - and carries quality consignment items, as well as Rockers It's Dangerous (New Clothing) and her own unique line of hand-painted vases. Now, she's got a manageable CMS (Joomla) with a shopping cart feature - where you can purchase her items online. We're still populating her items too, but she's up and running - and getting her business online!

And last but not least!

Posh Puppy Boutique
This is one of my VIP clients for sure - Jen is a master of e-commerce. This is a customized Volusion template, and she carries designer and unique doggy doo-dads. Check it out, and get your pup some posh prizes!

Coming Soon:

  • Charla Glass Interiors
  • Barrett Environmental

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