Sunday, April 15, 2012

Three Reasons You Need To Be Blogging

With our web design clients, we hear it all the time - "Why would I need to be blogging? I'm not a blogger." But in our case (for our clients) you are either selling a product or service online, or have a business that needs exposure on the world wide web. Whatever your business is, your online presence could benefit from having a blog.

Reason Number Three:  You could be taking advantage of the opportunity to blog about yourself, your company and your products. Certainly the idea is to eventually get OTHER bloggers to blog about you, and it can seem a little self-serving to write about yourself. But truly, if you do it in a way that is informative and educational to others - specifically your client or potential client - in the form of how-to's, product reviews and tips and tricks that pertain to your industry - you'd be generating useful and relevant content.  In our opinion - content about your company, if it's done without a sales-y attitude, is a great option, even if you are writing it yourself.

Reason Number Two: Blogs are great for SEO, in many ways. First, you gain accidental traffic to the blog, that you might not get to your website. Second, you can take advantage of this traffic by optimizing each post with a great title and tags, as well as back links to your website (keep them deep, with great anchor text keywords, and they'll be more juicy.) Whether you have a Blogger blog (like this one) where the content lives externally from your website, or a WordPress blog where the content is on your server acting as bait for the search engines - you need a blog to boost your SEO effort.

Reason Number Three: Blogs are great for social media. It could be your 'hub' or 'headquarters' for socially sharable content. Or, maybe it's a way for you to easily update your website with news and events about your company. Whatever your blog is used for (news, events, or socially shareable content) it all works great for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In and other social sharing sites.

Of course, your content is best suited for your clients when it comes from you. And - it's best suited when it comes regularly. Just don't have time? If you're super busy and don't have a clone to channel your thoughts to a blog post, and want someone to do it for you - Kari and Company does offer blogging services. Just sayin'.

And, since social media is great exposure across the internet and certainly boosts SEO, you start falling into a never ending useful funnel of goodness that leads potential clients and new clients RIGHT to your website. That's the idea, right? Happy Blogging!


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Kara said...

Great post! I am taking your advice as we speak, girl!