Monday, January 9, 2012

LipoGarments - Clothes To Help You Heal From Surgery

What exactly is a Lipo Garment? We found out as we began the journey of doing a new e-commerce design for Lipo Garment’s new website with owner, Wendy - and we got to do their new logo design, too.

Lipo Garments products are designed to physically compress a specific area of the body, to resolve pain and keep things 'in place', if you will - during recovery from cosmetic or reconstructive surgery garments such as – c-sections, breast augmentations, breast reductions or liposuction.

These innovative compression garments are made from light weight, stretchy and latex free fabric to assist in effective compression.

The facial compression garment provides compression and support to surgical areas after procedures such as face lift, chin lift, neck lift or any surgeries involving the chin or neck area.

If you have had a recent c-section or having one, we would recommend the Abdominal Binder. Believe us when we say this, you must have this! This abdominal compression binder is a 3 panel, 9” high abdominal binder that is flannel lined. No panel rolling and is available in white. This abdominal compression binder can assist in supporting after tummy tucks, post hernia surgery, c-sections, abdominal strains and so much more! sells their products on the popular Volusion platform. We are pleased to have assisted in the Volusion store design of such a useful and helpful product. Good luck LipoGarments!

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