Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Winning Clients

My clients are (WFAA-List!) Winners!

I am so excited....almost giddy! Ok, I AM giddy. I love my job and being able to say I helped to create the website designs and branding for my clients. It kind of makes me feel like a “proud mama”!

THREE of Kari and Company’s clients have placed in the TOP 5 on the WFAA A-List for 2010!

J. DOUGLAS DESIGN WON FIRST PLACE on the WFAA-List Best of Dallas competition for BEST FURNITURE! Of course - we knew they had the finest furnishings available - and now Dallas knows too!

LE BEAU VISAGE WON FIRST PLACE on WFAA-List Best of Dallas for BEST FACIAL! Of course - they're talking about the one-hour spa-medical microdermabrasion program. It's the bee's knees! Make 2011 your most beautiful year ever with Le Beau Visage! :)

And a special thanks to all of you who voted for:

ZIZIKI’S RESTAURANT on WFAA-BEST BRUNCH List Best of Dallas! We are thrilled to have been in the TOP FIVE - Ziziki’s came in third! We want you to come in and experience Ziziki’s-bring your friends and family for the best Greek food in Dallas! Then - we'll make another run next year!

We really want to thank all our loyal patrons and friends & family who voted and helped my clients WIN these awards!

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