Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome Native Juicer

Doing something good for your body always seems like such a hassle especially in the busy world we live in today. Seriously, you think that a couple of crazy web designers like us have time to stop working and juice? With the new Native Juicer they make healthy simple so we just may - and be the healthier for it!

Juicing is when you prepare and drink fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice. This sounds like a difficult and time consuming task, but after you discover the health benefits you will want to juice all the time and that is why we were so excited to be a part of the site building of Native Juicer!

There are so many benefits of juicing - and we learned a lot while working on this Volusion store design: your body can absorb larger amount of nutrients from liquids rather than solids. So when you compare eating a orange to drinking the juice, your body is actually absorbing more nutrients by drinking the juice because the digestion process is bypassed. Crazy talk right? So, basically DRINK UP.

The second benefit of juicing is a lot of the vitamins that you get from foods are taken away when you cook them.

When you juice, the fruits and vegetables are raw - therefore the vitamins and enzymes that are absorbed are a lot more beneficial to your body. Absorbing enzymes are a key role in your body’s metabolism. When your metabolic rate increases the amount of energy your body has increases too. Therefore, the more energy you have the better off your body is.

For us ladies, and important factor of juicing is that it provides you with healthier skin, hair, nails and eyes (you gotta see to design websites). When you digest Vitamin C and E it helps protect the skin from sun rays. A good way to provide this to your body is to mix blackberries and blueberries together.

With an abundant amount of health benefits for juicing, the Native Juicer Professional Juicer should now be on your Christmas list. Don’t deprive your body any longer, start juicing with Native Juicer today.

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