Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zilch Mixers ... a great margarita!

We all know that we love a GOOD Margarita with our Mexican food, especially here in Texas! I am not a stranger to trying out different restaurant’s Margarita’s just so that I know who has the best but will tell you, I certainly don’t like the calories or need the extra calories.

Zilch Mixers is a Sugar Free Margarita Mixers, and they have given dieters and diabetics or people just wanting to watch their calorie intake a exciting alternative! Zilch Mixers are popular on online stores across the country and now available in retail stores all around the US. If you would like to find a retailer in your area visit their website at www.zilchmixers.com. These great mixers come in Gallon packets and individual packets for on the go and travel or just one margarita, just add tequila and water!

This great sugar free Margarita Mixer made their splash in 2004 and has had great success and great reviews. A regular 8 ounce margarita contains up to a whopping 540 calories and 50 carbohydrates. Zilch Sugar Free Margarita Mixers contain zero carbohydrates and zero calories but I will tell you from experience the taste is just the same as a big old wonderful Margarita with all the fixins!

Kari and Co. had the wonderful opportunity to assist in their new and updated website and from experience, a great company, a great Margarita and a great group of people to work with!

Visit Zilch mixers website and see for yourself how great these wonderful sugar free Margaritas are! You won’t regret it and neither will your waistline.

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