Tuesday, October 13, 2009

REDArena Equine Assisted Activity and Therapy Group

We all would agree that sometimes life can be hard, but for some families the difficulty never goes away. Recently, I had the huge honor of designing and adding content to a Joomla CMS website for REDArena, an Equine Assisted Activity and Therapy group.

REDArena is a nonprofit corporation which is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of children and adults with disabilities. They offer a unique combination of equine and related therapies.

A recent study by Washington University found that equine therapy is a wonderful therapeutic tool. The study concluded that equine therapy made an obvious difference in the basic skills needed for function in everyday life.

REDArena gives children with disabilities the opportunity for social, recreational and life skills experiences. They also provide a sanctuary and rehab for physically abused horses, who in turn give service to those with disabilities.

The motion of the horse is an extremely effective tool to help improve strength, balance, coordination, communication and confidence in the student. This is incredibly empowering for the riders who deal daily with physical, mental or medical challenges.

REDArena relies on its wonderful volunteers who give over 100 hours weekly to help with the riding sessions and horse care.

In a world where the “me first” mentality seems to rule, this group is amazingly refreshing.

Mother Teresa told us to “spread our love everywhere we go.” REDArena does just that. Their love for the children and desire to help them is overwhelmingly beautiful. I am humbled to have been a small part of this great group.

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