Friday, September 18, 2009


WHAT A COOL THING.... thanks to our connection with Frinj Salon & Spa, only the coolest and hippest salon and spa in Dallas...who recently hosted a new CD release listening party for Kristinia DeBarge - Kim and I had the AWESOME opportunity today to visit with the folks at Universal Music Group - today and attend an exclusive acoustic performance by Kristinia.

Kristinia is here on tour - (opening for Britney Spears on the Circus Tour) - and I have to say WOW. She'll be headlining her own HUGE shows VERY soon - so keep your eye on this one.

Kristinia was personable, friendly - beautiful, too - and has some SERIOUS pipes! But if you've heard her songs - you already know this. We had the 'goosebumps' all over during her performance of "Sabotage" - it's her second release from her new album, Exposed. She was super-sweet and signed some posters for my neices, Gretchen and Gaylee.

What I liked best about the whole experience, was that I truly feel that Kristinia is not just a great performer - but she's also a great role model for young people. She's truly talented, but also has worked very hard and endures the tough schedule of a musician. Poised and professional - she's destined to keep soaring - up the charts and into super-stardom.

Thanks Kristinia, for singing for us today - and being such a great role model!

Here's the video courtesy of one of the other people who was at this exciting performance!

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