Monday, September 29, 2008

Unique Gift Sites

Now's my chance to welcome some really cool sites to the web - that sell very niche, hard-to-find gifts! Created on the Volusion E-Commerce platform, and custom designed to meet their needs.

Welcome to the web!

Lawyerly Love
Evangeline and her team have created the coolest custom gifts for students in Law School or new Laywers. Choose from several snazzy care packages, gift boxes, and there's even add-ons for specific occasions throughout the process of becoming a lawyer.

Evangeline is detail-oriented, and takes great care with each order. If you know someone in law school, or that has just become a laywer, this is a great gift to help them succeed, and for you to show your support!

The Greek Boutique
For all you college kids - pledging a sorority or fraternity this year, or for you big-sisters and big-brothers out there - this is THE PLACE for your GREEK LIFE, SORORITY and FRATERNITY Gift.

School's in! and so is getting a cool gift.

What a neat concept....

Featured press and designer style. Rental clothes - for the person going through a 'transition' - that is, weight loss! What a great concept. Now, if you're losing weight - and on the road to a healthier you, you don't have to buy a new wardrobe everytime you change a size. Simply RENT your wardrobe as you change!

You'll get great service and save a ton while you're on your diet/journey to lose weight.

Welcome all!

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