Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why PIN-teresting Content is Important in Social Media

Doesn’t it seem like a new social media platform launches daily? Although that isn’t far from the truth, you can find stability in some mainstay social networks that are as solid as they come.

We’ve talked before on why you should be on social media in order to best reach your prospective customers – but another thing worth considering - is focusing on the right social media for your business.

Fastest Growing
One of the fastest growing social platforms these days is Pinterest, a virtual “pinboard” of images and information that allows users to find information on the internet and save it to the appropriate online board.

Who Uses Pinterest
Depending upon your business, Pinterest might be the great arena for your online business presence. Around 95% of Pinterest users are women – which means that might be a strategic place for you to reach out to those you’re selling to if women include your market target.

What To Pin
Post images of your products, and inspirational messages to connect with your users and establish yourself as an online friend.

Remember - social media needs to stay SOCIAL - or it won't make the right connection with users. Your long-term goal with ANY social media platform is to make friends, and then turn those folks into brand advocates for your company or business. Get OTHERS talking about you and your business to really generate a great community of prospects.
With social media - stick to the famous saying, “Keep it simple, stupid!" (KISS) Don’t beat yourself up about having to learn multiple platforms – find the one you need to focus on most.

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